Ms. Wealthy You

achesagibsonrownnThe Ms. La Petite Pageant after 12 years is going one step beyond and moving forward by changing its name to Miss Wealthy You Pageant. This is an effort to improve our coverage, our contestants and winners.

We are excited that 2016 will be our 13th year producing the (Ms La Petite) MS WEALTHY YOU PAGEANT

In November 2000, the organization moved to Atlanta and was reorganized. The former name Ms. La. Petite Pageant changed in 2013 to Ms  Wealthy You Corporation. The name was inspired by our very own Deborah Owens, the wealth coach on the popular NewsOneNow broadcast.  

As the pageant has progressed through the years the leadership envisioned Ms Kreative Imagess Wealthy You Pageant not as just a beauty pageant but as a personal development Mantra for all contestants. The Kreative Imagess Ms Wealthy You Pageant System was created in Peoria, IL  August 1997 with the purpose of providing all women an opportunity to showcase their talents and live out their dreams. Our first  Pageant was held on Aug 28, 1997.

The pageant originated from the Biblical Pageant in the book of Esther who had to  go through a year of preparation (under the regulations for the women) before she could meet the king.  We don’t take that preparation lightly we want to prepare our ladies to meet the King called society. Utilizing all the strength, gifts, talents and beauty God has made them with.

Kreative Imagess Wealthy You Pageant encourages our youth to dive into the wise pool of life, by practicing healthy living and creating generational wealth. We aim to kick start their inspirations and aspiration  by  encouraging them to choose greater investments in their talents, career goals, and finances.   We are committed to inspiring creativity and engaging local communities to make a difference in the lives of not just young women but young aspiring males as well. 

As quoted by Deborah Owens “Personal wealth goals help you to understand Pursuable Net Worth and begin a Wealthy Legacy.” Your gifts are more precious than gold and your talents are far above rubies thus “having a wealthy outlook on life is adding value to others and exceeding expectations for your future.”

The ladies chosen will complete their healthy, wealthy, wise and investment savings modules. The beautification is symbolic of the same oil, myrrh, spices, and age appropriate cosmetics. We’re not talking only makeup cosmetics but cosmetics of life. This symbol, as we have with Esther’s preparation of myrrh and species in the passage before us, is a picture of the Holy Spirit’s presence upon those that are consecrated to the Lord. We can also take comfort that just as the king called Esther by name, so the King of Kings knows His own by name. He knows you intimately and personally.