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Request for Miss Wealthy You New to attend your upcoming event or at your school or youth organization. bookings



How to book Miss Wealthy You –

  • Booking requests, either via email or by phone, should be received as far in advance as possible to the booking date. Bookings will be handled on a first come basis.
  • Miss Wealthy You may not make appearances past 10:00pm.
  • Upon appearance approval, you will receive a statement of expenses to be paid in advance.
  • Cancellation of an engagement MUST be made writing at least one month prior to the event. If cancelled less than one month prior to the scheduled event, the booking fee must be paid.
  • Please let the business manager know if you need a bio and picture for publicity purposes and one will be send to you.

How to use Miss Wealthy You during your event:

  • Miss Wealthy You has her own lovely wardrobe suitable for every type of appearance and carries a supply of autograph cards.
  • One press conference, to be approved by business manager, can be scheduled for Miss Wealthy You and will not be considered a part of her working schedule. If appropriate, we encourage you to involve the press in her appearance.
  • Miss Wealthy You can spend no more than four hours on public appearances per booking and must be allowed sufficient time to keep herself well-groomed and fresh. Short appearances throughout the entire day are not permitted. Either the morning, afternoon, or evening must be left free for her personal privacy and rest. If additional time is required for any appearance, a fee of $50 per hour will be charged.
  • Miss Wealthy You will not be permitted to make any appearances that are not listed on the itinerary.
  • Miss Wealthy You may not appear at any group or group function that is not identifiable with the dignity and prestige of Miss Wealthy You.
  • Miss Wealthy You shall not endorse or sponsor merchandise or products that are in conflict with her national or state sponsors.

How to pay for Miss Wealthy You:

You will receive an itemized statement from the Miss Wealthy You booking office

that must be paid before the appearance of Miss Wealthy You. It will be based on the following:

  • Booking Fee $20
  • Fee Schedule Non profit organization $100

Social or civic event $100

Commercial Business $300

An additional $50.00 per hour will be charged for any time over four hours.

  • Estimated Mileage at $.51 per mile
  • Miscellaneous expenses – Including meals, lodging, and transportation. All

lodging must be in a local hotel/motel. Lodging in homes is not allowed.

The booking party should make arrangements for meals and lodging.

Please contact the office before making hotel arrangements.

* Checks to be made out to the Miss Wealthy You Investment Program


Appearance Request Form and Contract (Click Here)  

Apperance Request Form