MS Wealthy You Pageant  is open to females ages 10-14&15-24 of any race, size, shape, or height.

More Than Just A Pageant It’s A Movement Toward Wealthy and Healthy habits.

Kreative Imagess the place where all your dreams unfold has 10 years’ experience in the Pageant Industry and has been in existence since 1997. We are a multi-faceted company, with goals and purposes that build a network of mentors for youth, and provide entrepreneurial training in various industries. Our motto is the Future Is  Right Now, which is why we are committed to educate our youth on the world of financial investing to obtain a wealthy, healthy and wise life.

Notwithstanding current levels of financial illiteracy in the United States, there is some good news: education can help. Numerous studies show that educational programs play a critical role in motivating Americans to save and invest wisely.  

  • The Ms. Wealthy You Pageant provides the young ladies a strong foundation on which to build for their financial future. At a time when more Americans than ever before are investing in the securities markets via the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, it is our belief that the youth can be taught the simple mechanics—and benefits—of financial planning at an early age. This training in our “Wealthy Me  Program will enable them to begin making attainable financial goals…regardless of their starting income level.
    • Kreative Imagess/ Recognizes the importance of education especially as it pertains to our youth. A core area of Kreative Imagess programs is the Ms. Wealthy You Pageant Investment Program.
    • We want to increase participants (students)’ knowledge of financial matters so they can become better stewards, responsible savers, investors, and consumers.
    • Participants will learn how taking control of their finances can assist them in developing healthy and realistic behaviors and attitudes towards money and finances.
    • The most important aspect in all this is IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR!!


The Mission of Miss Kreative Imagess Wealthy You is:
To be a fun, self-esteem enhancing environment for young ladies.
To financially empower our youth using practical skills to become financially independent,  and to close the gap of wealth in their spirit,  soul, body  and  purses.



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